Engine Controls For Diesel Applications

Columbus Diesel Supply offers quality engine brakes and governors for your diesel application. OE manufacturers are important when it comes to controlling the diesel engine. Engine controls include governors and engine brakes which convert the engine from a "power producer" to a "power absorber". Governors are applied to everything from small generators to heavy-duty marine and rail where engines rated in thousands of horsepower are used.

Engine Governors

Authorized Governor Service

Governors are used on diesel engines to control engine speed through the regulation of the quantity of fuel delivered to the cylinders. When something as important as fuel delivery is being dealt with you don't want just any governor for your diesel engine. Columbus Diesel Supply offers the best governor brand names on the market today like Woodward, Barber-Coleman and Detroit Diesel.

Engine Brakes

Authorized Engine Brakes Dealer

Engine braking is the act of using the energy-requiring compression phase of a heat engine to dissipate energy and slow down a vehicle. To stop when you need to, you need the proper equipment. With Columbus Diesel you can get the proper engine braking you deserve. We offer our customers these brand names; Banks, PacBrake, TecBrake and BD Diesel.

Alliant Power Products

Come visit our new state-of-the-art service facility for the diesel products you need. With over 8 drive-in service bays we are able to service everything from commercial fleets to consumer owned diesels.

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