Extreme Performance Products

Columbus Diesel has been supplying all types of products for tractor and truck pulling since the very beginning. We are known worldwide for our work in this area and continue to be a presence and our products are associated with many of todays top pulling teams worldwide.

High-Performance Tractor/Truck Pull Turbochargers

High Horsepower Turbochargers

Columbus Diesel offers custom made turbochargers that are unlike any in the world. We have spent many hours in research and development of our turbochargers to ensure that all our customers get the horsepower and durability they expect. We stock turbochargers for Prostock, Superstock, Farmstock, Superfarm and Reverse Rotation Turbochargers, we can also modify any of these assemblies.

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High-Flow Tractor/Truck Pull Fuel Pumps

High Horsepower Fuel Pumps

Our custom made high horsepower fuel pumps are known throughout the world. They offer the high performance truck or tractor puller all the horsepower they could ever need. We offer special "Billet" housings based on Sigma Pumps, "P" Sized Pumps, and "A" Sized Pumps.

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High Performance Diesel Injection Nozzles/Injectors

High Horsepower Nozzles/Injectors

Without high horsepower nozzles to deliver the flow, your high performance pump won't make any difference. Our nozzles are guaranteed to offer more flow, more power and longer lasting performance. We offer Billet John Deere type nozzles, modified John Deere nozzles, International Harvester, Ford, Allis Chalmers and Pencil nozzles in many sizes.

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Custom Diesel Pre Fuel Injection Lines

Pre Bent Fuel Lines

Our pre bent fuel lines are made of only the strongest stainless steel and can be custom made without hassle. Available lines include:
1/4" O.D.-.093" or .120" I.D.
5/16" O.D.- Straight
5/16" O.D.- bent for Big Block Deere
5/16" O.D.- bent for Small Block Deere
5/16" O.D. and .120 I.D. - Straight for common rail fuel systems with a 14x1.5 nut on each end (will work on both Cummins and Duramax)

Customized/Modified Turbochargers

Customization and Modification

Our specialized work in the development of super high-flow turbochargers and fuel pump combinations has earned us an international reputation. For over 30 years we have been making, building and customizing fuel and turbocharger applications.

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Original Diesel Equipment Products

Looking for OE Brands?

At the backbone of our superior services are the name brand products you know. Direct from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Columbus Diesel Supply offers authorized service and distribution of these quality components. If keeping your diesel powered application running at optimum efficiency is your goal then Columbus Diesel Supply can help you achieve just that with the products we offer.

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Alliant Power Products

Come visit our new state-of-the-art service facility for the diesel products you need. With over 8 drive-in service bays we are able to service everything from commercial fleets to consumer owned diesels.

3100 Delta Marine Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43068
Fax: 1-614-729-1271
Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm

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