Custom Performance Turbochargers

Columbus Diesel has been supplying all types of turbochargers for tractor and truck pulling since the very beginning. We are known worldwide for our work in this area and continue to be a presence and our products are associated with many of todays top pull winners.

PPL/NTPA Pro Stock Tractor/Super-Semi Pull Turbos

Pro Stock Turbochargers

The Pro-Stock series of turbochargers designed and manufactured by Columbus Diesel use the very best turbo components in the industry, modified to meet the needs of competitive pullers. In many cases where there is no suitable part to modify Columbus Diesel will design special tooling and/or patterns to make what's needed for max all-out performance.

The Pro-Stock series turbos from Columbus Diesel will use one of three different types of bearing systems that depend upon application and use for maximum durability and efficiency, billet compressor wheel designs not available anywhere else, extended flow compressors, and extreme flow turbines to balance the pressure across the engine in order to develop the maximum horsepower possible.

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NTPA Super Stock Tractor/Truck Pull Turbos

Super Stock Turbochargers

Our Super Stock turbochargers are available with any size compressor or turbine wheel. Compressor wheels are available in either cast or billet type construction. The compressor outlet is also available in either a hose or O-ring type outlet connection. We also offer standard journal or ball-type bearing systems; A must for high boost pressure applications.

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Farm Stock Tractor/Truck Pull Turbos

Farm Stock Turbochargers

Both 3LM and T04B turbo frames are offered. Our 3LM frame units can be built using a special Columbus Diesel modified CHRA (Center Housing & rotating assembly) for original equipment look, but higher flow capacity. Compressor wheels are also available in either cast or billet forms.

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Super Farm Tractor/Truck Pull Turbochargers

Super Farm Turbochargers

The Columbus Diesel Super Farm turbos are based upon the HX60 frame, but modified with NTPA & PPL legal turbine mounting foot. Our unique aero-design compressor wheels are made from billet aluminum; our turbines use custom high-capacity housing and trim combinations for high volumetric flow, and can be custom matched using any of three different Columbus Diesel cast and manufactured turbine housings not available anywhere else.

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Reverse-Rotation Performance Turbochargers

Reverse Rotation Turbochargers

Our Reverse Rotation turbos are built on the HT60 frame turbo and due to the compact fitment that comes with the reverse rotation are commonly used as the first stage (or atmospheric stage) in a small compound turbo street set-up.

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Turbocharger Adapters and Accessories

Truck Turbochargers

Our truck turbochargers are designed as performance upgrades for stock diesel pickups and semi trucks. Using the toughest and highest flowing components from all manufacturers our truck turbochargers feature upgraded thrust and bearing systems with improved balancing techniques to withstand our customers' demands.

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Turbocharger Adapters and Accessories

Turbo Accessories

We offer our customers a wide variety of turbocharger accessories.

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